# abrahan silverio

With over 10 years as a Full-stack Web Developer, I bring a meticulous and adaptive approach to modern web development. My deep expertise in JavaScript and PHP, combined with proficiency in frameworks like React, VueJS, and jQuery, enables me to create robust, dynamic websites and custom solutions for CMS platforms such as WordPress and Laravel.

Beyond my technical acumen, I pride myself on being a collaborative team player. Able to work effectively under tight deadlines, coupled with a proactive approach to tackling unforeseen challenges, makes me a valuable asset in any project setting.

## professional philosophy


My diverse experiences have taught me an important lesson: it's unwise for individuals and companies to become overly attached to any single technology. The tech landscape is in constant flux, evolving more rapidly with each passing day. It's crucial to stay updated, adaptable, and ready to evolve. Technologies, after all, are merely tools. With experience, we gain the insight to select the most appropriate tool for each specific task.

computers and networking

My journey in technology began in the early 2000s, where I honed my skills in assembling, repairing, and understanding the inner workings of computers. This initial foray as a computer technician, coupled with my knowledge of networks, laid the foundation for my understanding of the internet's infrastructure. Today, I continue to stay abreast of the latest advancements in hardware, ensuring I am well-equipped with both the resources and the extensive experience necessary for development work.